Friday, January 27, 2012

NCUA Board Meeting...

The Earth is still flat in Alexandria!

We are not really impressed with the opinions of the GAO, our external CPAs, our Inspector General, the National Association of State Chartered Credit Unions (NASCUS), the Attorney General's Office of the State of N.C., the U.S. Constitution, nor those "know nothing" credit unions which, after all, are run by non-professional volunteers.... who actually believe they're in charge?!?

One would think you believe the World has changed. Well, We haven't changed and our record proves it...

Don't tell me we've got another "@#!X*" problem at NCUA!!!

We all look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, N.C at the Convention in September, Mr. President! 
( Meet you out front on the sidewalk - just look for the signs!)

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