Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Senator Joe McCarthy on Transparent Camels...

"The NCUA recognizes the need to more effectively communicate and document weaknesses and concerns..."
"... along with sufficient information suggesting the basis for the assignment of the individual component and composite ratings."

Can you see through this?

 The Senator Joe McCarthy Era Expands At NCUA

Senator Joe McCarthy set the standard, during Congressional hearings in the 1950's,  for the "wild twisting of facts", "false accusations", and "hostile innuendo".  Trashing reputations with an "inability to substantiate" the statements, when called upon to do so, became his specialty.  "McCarthyism" joined the American vocabulary as a new synonym for "witch hunt".  His tactics were described as "demagogic" and "reckless" with a "freewheeling style" featuring "browbeating" and "disturbing excess". 

The Senator always claimed to have "a list" of "sympathizers", which of course he couldn't share, who were doing all sorts of dangerous things, which of course he also couldn't share.  Senator Joe got to determine whether or not his "suggestions" had any "basis" in fact and whether or not the "information" supporting those accusations was "sufficient". (Any of this starting to sound familiar?  See a pattern?  Any alarm bells starting to go off?)

In real life, quite often it takes a long time (and a lot of hard work) for the truth to catch up with a lie; especially when we all do try to be respectful of and defer to "authority".  But the truth will out - eventually; and in 1954 Senator McCarthy was repudiated and censured by the Senate.  Still, many lives were wrongly ruined and many reputations unjustly besmirched - by demagogic browbeating and recklessness.

Edward R. Murrow, a legendary journalist of that era, wrote this about Senator McCarthy and McCarthyism:  "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.  We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law.  We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason."

McCarthyism is... "a part of our past that we can neither afford to forget nor permit to reoccur."

This new CAMEL "secret-transparency" is a sham; the system of judgment (where the Agency appoints itself as prosecutor, judge, jury, and court of appeal) is by definition a "Star Chamber" court - arbitrary and unfair in method, "Inquisition-like" by design and attitude.

Ah! Secret-Transparency!!  Old Senator Joe would be proud, would feel right at home!

But, a "Star Chamber" court is probably the wrong comparison in a critique of "animal justice" - i.e. this arrogant CAMEL.  This  reckless "system of justice" set-up (in the truest sense of that verb) by Letter #11-CU-12 is actually more like a court of...

Who's trying "to fix" the system?

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