Monday, May 12, 2014

Strategic Planning For a Bear Market...

Best approach to
risk management?

"play dead"?

Credit Union Boards and staff must now have a written plan for every eventuality… "risk" has recently been "discovered" by the powers that be and is their singular obsession de jour.  

We are very fortunate that our leaders in Alexandria have discovered this new concept of "risk", a concept of which most folks who work in credit unions were entirely unaware. 

Hard to imagine how lucky credit unions have been to have survived over the last 100 years - and especially since 2008 - without having known about "risk".  Understand that some of those "robust" folks who helped "discover risk" worked previously with Al Gore on the invention of the Internet; credit unions are indeed very, very fortunate … 

A "bear market" is the latest hysterical hissyfit, fully fueled with a forecast frenzy, from "the robusterians". Here are a few important safety tips…

Tips for Bear Safety
(Courtesy of The U.S. Forest Service)

"Playing dead" works well
… unfortunately!
1.  Never keep food or scented items in a tent.

2.  If a bear approaches, move away slowly.  Do      not run. **

3.  If you are attacked by a bear, try to fight back using any object available.

4.  Playing dead is not appropriate. 

** ( Unless, as the old joke goes, you are with a group of strangers and you are pretty "d-sure" you can out run at least one of them.) 

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