Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rants And Raves...

Mitchell News-Journal
(Home of the brave - and the brash!)

*  People who abuse animals should be abused in the same way.  
( That's certainly one thoughtful way to persuade people…)

*  Everyone pays taxes, but now we have to drive real slow.  
(Run that by me again…?)

*  Remember that "Nero fiddled while Spruce Pine burned". 
(The emperor did "bluegrass"!?)

*  I'm just glad that on Judgment Day that God will do the judging and not the folks who spout off in "Rants and Raves".  
(Speak of the Devil…!)

*  Absolutely right on the federal government takeover of healthcare, it's going to be great and they chose exactly the right name for what lies ahead - The Affordable Care Act.  
("Lies ahead"?)

And this week's "say no more" clincher...

*  You need to shut up and get behind Obamacare. The federal government knows what it's doing and will do a great job; just look at how they've done with the V.A.  
( O-o-o-h,  mountain folks are tough …!)

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