Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The New World Order...

We're the ONES !!

Beginning this month, the NCUA has launched a new, special division to provide separate oversight for credit unions with assets exceeding $10 billion.  

The new unit is called The Office of National Examination and Supervision ("The ONES" !)

Which leaves the other 6,900 or so credit unions in the second category…..

We're not !!

…. The Non-Office of National Examination and Supervision
       ("The NONES" !)

Guess we all know "our place" now…


Anonymous said...

NCUA is killing us off very rapidly by its incompetence.

Believe it will be the NO ONES soon.

Anonymous said...

Small CUs will be killed by ncua stupidity and the bigger ones will flee the stupidity by converting out

Anonymous said...

How interesting to let the ONES who botched the Corporate supervision to bring their special examination and supervision skills to larger credit unions?

Dennis Moriarity said...

Proving for the umpteenth millionith time that if you give a bureaucracy the power to expand itself - it will no matter the cost to the governed. NCUA has become a perfect example of an intrusive, self serving, corrupt government feeding at the ever diminishing trough of the American Taxpayer. Can't wait for the revolution to see how fast the rats scuttle out of D.C. when it starts.