Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Pnew Year...

North Carolina's answer to
Times Square...
Know many of you have been waiting anxiously for the results of PETA's appeal of the only-in-North Carolina festivities at the Annual Possum Drop in Brasstown, N.C. (see post of 9/27/2013).
Logan, at right.

Well, the verdict is in and the possum will drop.   Clay Logan, the host of the event, said: "We've got the permit right and now we're legal. We're going to have to start looking for a possum."

"Dogs chase the possum up a tree and we either shake it down, or if it gets up too high, climb up after it." (Got that?)

But the possum didn't come without some strings attached. Judge Baddour and the Wildlife Commission required  "upon capture the possum must be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian and its diet should mimic that of a wild possum." Mr. Logan said he would feed it "apples, oranges, and cat food, among other things." ("… among other things" sounds like the only thing a wild possum would regularly eat from that list!)

The Possum Inn...
The Judge also said that the possum "must be kept in a box 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet tall, which must be properly ventilated and cleaned regularly."  "That's  a motel mansion for a possum," Mr Logan said.

And, Clay Logan really summed up this entire situation well when he said….

"I'm glad that common sense finally prevailed in this thing."



Diane said...

In PA, we drop strawberries, roses, bologna, Hershey kiss, sprint car, pickle, and a goat - but I don't think we drop any possums? We do have that varmint every Feb 2nd however that some years I'd like to drop him from a pole! Happy New Year!

Jim Blaine said...

Perhaps the folks in Brasstown would be willing to ship the "dropee" to Pa. for "re-cycling" in February?

'Course if it's a young possum, PETA might claim that Mr. Logan was transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this could become a national issue... moving from Obama to Opossum!

"Where do you stand on possums?

Fur it or agin it?