Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Perfect NCUA Board .... Part II

The NCUA Board is composed of three individuals appointed by the President of the United States, confirmed by Congress. Currently, there are but two active members of the Board; and, the term of one of the sitting Board members will expire in August of 2013. Reappointments are not permitted.
Meow !  Meow !

Two fresh faces on the Board holds out the potential for a much needed refresh and renewal at the Agency.  The long overdue, 
and hopefully not yet complete, departure of several senior staff - many a bit beyond the "sell by" date of their professional shelf-life - holds additional promise. 

As you will recall, the ideal, fairytale NCUA Board of the future proposed last week (1/2/13 post) was....
... The Three Little Bairs !

All dreaming aside, these two upcoming appointments are crucial to the future, and perhaps the survival, of the credit union movement.  We are no longer in an economic, nor political environment, which will forgive , nor overlook, continued "foolishness".

We need "world-class" leadership - now !!  But, if the  "foolishness" is permitted to continue...

... we're going to end up with just another couple of Joes.
(And... we don't need two new ones!)

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