Friday, January 25, 2013


("Two snakes mating
over a rubber ball?")
Well, the New Year kicked-off with a brand new group of words in the e-mail file ! (Always need something else to read - don't you ??)  It was saved from the automatic "j-mail" can and slipped past the spam filter because it bore the CUNA logo....

The title of the e-mail was : 

"The Cheney Report" 
 A weekly update from Bill Cheney, CUNA President & CEO.

It was pitched as a new weekly newsletter which will include key events and policy (E&P) developments affecting credit unions. The two pages featured 3 E&P's for the week of January 11: 1) CFPB, 2) Congress, and 3) NCUA.  Here's the summary and action plan:
  1. CFPB - "... quick to unveil new regs  affecting credit unions.... qualified mortgage (QM) standards.... will continue to lobby the bureau..."
  2. Congress - "Fiscal Cliff;  Tax Reform; ... the credit union tax exemption is our top priority."
  3.  NCUA - "Small credit union/$50 million; national exam survey to assist with NCUA advocacy efforts."
"The bottom line is this: We must be ready to mobilize our grassroots and educate our 95 million members, and that's our plan."

Before I reset the filter, two observations:
Buzz on Biz ??

First, is it just me or is anyone else "a bit surprised" at the total absence of any comment or outcome explanation from the leadership on BIZ LOANS - "our top priority" from last year... and the prior year... and the...? (Silence of the Spams?)

And second, I think it might be wise for....

("Bunch of geese....
 flying in a circle?")

..... Bill Cheney to ask that the newsletter remove the bright blue "UNSUBSCRIBE" button which appears directly above his picture in the masthead.... 
.... could get misconstrued!

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