Monday, March 05, 2012

Still On The Bridge.....In Safe Hands?

"Our actions, taken together, saved you hundreds of millions of dollars.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  NCUA's actions have saved you hundreds of millions of dollars in additional insurance premiums."

              Chairman Debbie Matz                 
              Remarks to the CUNA
              Governmental Affairs Conference
              February 28, 2011

H-m-m...?  Maybe so, but what about the $25 billion that wasn't "saved"....

Well, in truth, it really wasn't quite "as bad" as the Titantic, but it sure is hard to see the "savings"....

(Their Captain is in jail, ours is...)


Anonymous said...

Still at NCUA....I have been around a very long time can't remember when we had such a weak Chairman.

Jim Blaine said...

Don't want to get a reputation as an "apologist" for the NCUA, but the "Captain(and crew)" are rarely "on the Board"...."On the Bridge" is very different than "on the Board" in terms of direct, first-line responsibility.