Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congress Begins To Speak Out...

"Sometimes it takes awhile for the truth to catch up with a lie...."

HR-3461 is a bill ("The Examination Fairness and Reform Act") introduced to address the nationwide concern over arbitrary and capricious regulatory exams.  Both CUNA and NAFCU testified in support of the bill at the recent hearing.

Before the House Financial Services Committee on HR-3461 (2/1/2012):  

Guess who just became the regulatory "poster child" for the reason this legislation is necessary?  Aren't you glad that credit unions are to be so publicly featured in this way?

Guess who else was watching...

Not Again??!! Don't tell me we have another "@Z!?X#" problem with NCUA??!!.....  In Congress...??!!...."@Z!?X#"!!!!

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