Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Don't Ask Don't Tell...

We surmised that the Agency looks carefully across the various branches of government as a source of innovative ideas, policies and best practices.  Those new concepts and creative insights are then molded, modified, and transformed internally to conform with the unique vision, mission, culture and mystique of the Agency.

Some of us were convinced that the Agency had obviously in-sourced from the military branch the policy of  "DADT" - (Don't Ask, Don't Tell!).

Of course molded, modified and transformed to conform with the unique vision, mission, culture and mystique of....into "DADC" ***.....

*** Don't Ask, Don't Care!


But, perhaps confidentially that's a bit unfair and the Agency is just "dawdling" (a fine Southern phrase!) i.e., "DAWD" - Don't Ask, or We'll Deck(er) you!

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