Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Made In America...

"Last week our branch office air-conditioning system went out.  The chilled water pump had "given it up".  Found out that the water pump - made in America - was installed in 1976 and had worked 7x24 non-stop for 35 years.  Guess we got our money's worth!

Came to find out that the pump was no longer manufactured and that there was no replacement available.  Had the pump motor reworked and refurbished locally, and reinstalled by Monday.  It is working fine.

This little incident gives me hope for some of us "long-timers" - also made in America - who may just break down unexpectedly in the branch any day now..."  ***

*** Note - To resuscitate "long-timers": refurbish with one large coffee - black - and two (also made in America) Krispy Kremes... after hours, administer - very liberally - local lagers.

... the #1 problem in America today?  MIA/MIA!!!

...Made in America is Missing in Action.


Mickey Fanney said...

Will the lager be served in branch?

Jim Blaine said...

After hours only!

But, if loan demand remains flat, interest rates tank, and the economy continues to have us over a barrel; some CUs may need to start selling PBRs at the drive-thrus... would definitely help with member liquidity needs and bound to improve those member survey satisfaction ratings!

After all this is a recession, might as well grin and beer it...