Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"We're Making Change..."

Guess many of you remember the remarkable "Make Change" bank ad spoof from not too long ago....very memorable!  Ran across a couple of similar takeoffs recently at Bank Stuff Marketing.  They were formulating bank ad slogans "for the current environment":

  • "We can set you up!"
  • "The banking company which is heading South!"
  • "Poor credit? WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!"
  • "You're not a loan anymore!"
  • "More talk for less money!"
  • "Keep your eyes on us!"
  • "Hedge your bet with us!'
  • "Everything is fees-able with us!"
  • "We promise we'll never do that again!"
  • "Fully backed, and occasionally owned, by the US government!" 

at BS Marketing - "Our Name Is Our Brand."

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