Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dave Serlo

  How does one capture the essence of a man who dedicated over 40 years of his life to the Credit Union Movement - to you and to me?  We seem to have thrown off so many of our ideas of loyalty; we've discarded so many of our cooperative traditions; we've disconnected ourselves from so many of our places of community.  Who has time for others - in this day and time?

David Serlo did.  David Serlo was that unusual exception, that unique example among us.  David Serlo remained loyal, firm, solid, committed.  David Serlo always held fast.  Held fast to a life with a highly focused singularity of purpose - of service to his family, to his Church, to his community, to PSCU, to the entire Credit Union Movement - to you and to me.

David Serlo, over 40 years, held all the trusted leadership positions; received all the honors; helped fashion most of the important rules and regulations; and anchored many major credit union endeavors.  David Serlo argued, fought, and cajoled faithfully and firmly on behalf of the philosophy and purpose of credit unions.  He tutored, mentored, and inspired most of our current credit union leaders.  David Serlo coaxed, convinced, and then converted innumerable people into supporting and promoting the credit union cause.  David Serlo was "the real thing" in credit unions - a leader by example.  A loyal servant, a true believer in every fibre of his body, every inch of his heart and soul.

What a remarkably wonderful person; what an elegant, patient, charming man.  What a thoughtful, intelligent, and inspirational guiding light.  I'm not alone in this assessment; all who knew and worked with David Serlo held him in the highest esteem, with unquestioned respect.

David Serlo not only helped show us the "true path' for credit unions; David Serlo helped design and build most of those paths!  You know the PSCU story, that history, that record of principled leadership as well as I do - loyal, firm, solid, committed.

The Credit Union Movement needs to honor - and more importantly never forget - those who quietly, diligently, and humbly provide the example, who set the standard.  Perhaps we need a David Serlo Award -  an Award for purpose, an Award for service, an Award for those who hold fast.

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