Monday, April 07, 2014

NCUA: Monday Morning Quarterbacks ...

"Robust" examiner  bullying 
appears to be on the rise….

"A professional makes it look easy; 
 an amateur 
  thinks it is."

(The NCUA Report - February, 2014)

(Can't make yourself sound much sillier than that…!!!)

NCUA seems to have a great deal of difficulty "explaining away" its past, let alone trying to lay claim to any expertise in predicting the future….

… maybe it's the training?


Anonymous said...

This is the same NCUA that in the spring of 2011 had its economist tell CUs to position the investment portfolio based on the 10-year U.S. Treasury rate being in the 4.00% range by year-end, 2011. The 10-yr. UST ended 2011 at 1.89%.

NCUA’s misguided macro-managing effort cost this CU at least $25K in lost investment income. Overall, NCUA's fear of rising rates has probably cost the industry million$.

Anonymous said...

As with all bullies, they are people that have power greater than their ability to control it.

The NCUA became a Bully as a solution to the last economic meltdown. The Congress passed the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA)in 1989. This Act empowered NCUA and other financial institution regulator far beyond their ability to control their power and bullying was the inevitable result. Fear of every facing losses, creates the regulatory Bully. We allowed it to happen. We created the Bully.

This country was founded on self-reliance. Ben Franklin would never ask for a government agency to get expanded powers to prevent future losses. He knew no matter how noble the goal, it never happens. You get a bully!

You can not have a life free of risk, loss and pain if you want wealth development. Nanny state solutions only bring new problems and excessive bullying. The CFBP has only begone to bully. They will make NCUA look like a rational solution.

The next time you consider asking government for protection from loss, go get a cup of coffee instead. You will be glad you did.