Wednesday, September 12, 2012

David Letterman's Top 10 List Of Questions you should ask NCUA's Herr Yolles.......

Here's Dave....!!
 Understand there is a good old case of playground bullying going on with my friends down in North Carolina.  Seems like they are having to put up with a gang of Mike Tyson wannabees who are biting off ears and punching below the belt...well below, just barely above the socks actually.  Well our writers for the show sure do appreciate all the free material, because you really can't make this stuff up - its too absurd!  So, for those folks in the Tarheel State who are just trying to run a good old-fashioned Credit Union....Here is the list of the Top 10 Questions you should ask 'da "Regionator" about his illogical logic: 

  1. Why are you picking on folks you say are completely innocent?
  2. Is it illegal for a State to publish an independent "state issued" rating?
  3. Understand that you have admitted that your undemocratically made-up "rules" do not overrule the N.C. State Legislature - is that true?
  4. Appears that you cite the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which you now confess does not apply to independent state reports - is that true?
  5. Assume you know that at one time folks "universally' believed that the World was flat - do you still believe that's true?
  6. How did you attempt to "resolve" this situation - when, how, and with whom? Would you please send documentation of your efforts?
  7. What other "alternatives" did you consider to "resolve" all this?  Can you list your options?  Why was this draconian penalizing of the innocent your "only alternative"?  How did you make that decision?
  8. Do you actually think this letter has helped average folks "understand" your action?  Really?  Really?
  9. Glad you have so readily volunteered to openly and publicly discuss your motives and rationale in taking this action - when may we expect to hear from you?  ...AND #10 !!!!
  10. Is everything in your letter "slanted" - or is it just your signature?

... when are you available to come on the Show ?
Got quite a large, national audience who certainly want to hear us chat!!! 

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