Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"The Noose Tightens..."

"NCUA specifically requested these two actions in a meeting with the NCCUD Administrator on December 5, 2011."
                   - Mr. David M. Marquis, Exec. Director, NCUA
                         Letter to N.C. Credit Unions, Feb. 10, 2012

Mr. Marquis had two shots at "specifically" getting his little message to the NCCUD Administrator "specifically" right on December 5, 2011.

First was with the in-person, verbal message which Mr. Marquis delivered in the company of  "Curly and Moe"; and the second was with the pre-written and hand-delivered letter dated December 6, 2011 which Mr. Marquis asked Mr. Yolles to give to the Administrator at the December 5, 2011 meeting.  

Pre-writing an administrative letter usually indicates that 1) you have already made up your mind before you arrived and 2) you have absolutely no excuse, with the advance drafting, for not getting your message "specifically" correct.

Well, guess what!  Here's a copy of that "specifically" infamous December 6, 2011 letter....

...don't see any mention of any "specifically" offered negotiating points, do you?
Southerners are taught civility, courtesy, and respect for authority at an early age; and, therefore attempt to avoid using crass terms such as "liar", but...know of at least one credit union which is willing to testify without equivocation, under oath that items marked #2 and #3 in the letter are, shall we say, lies.... can't make that much clearer, can you ! (And it's in writing and on tape - no memory lapses, no"he said, she said", it is or it isn't!)

And, the complete meeting in which Exec. Director Marquis delivered his "message" in person is on tape.  Guess what?!

That's right!  There are no requested actions on the tape... in fact there is actually a clear, definitive statement from Mr. Marquis that he "doesn't want the Administrator to do anything"!

Don't you really want to hear that tape and determine for yourself who is telling the truth... and who isn't?

Where?  Congress?  GAC?  Open NCUA Board Meeting? Perhaps we should just "cut to the chase" and go directly before a criminal law judge?

Well, whaddaya think?  The "stench of skunk' is becoming a bit over-ripe and unseemly, isn't it....!?



Anonymous said...

I wish I had had your guts back when I was fighting off their lies and twisting of the facts. Stay strong, Jim! You're exposing what many credit unions have put up with in recent years and haven't been able to combat.

Jim Blaine said...

Just do me a favor if you see my head on a pike along the Potomac; do say; "You can bet he did fully understand the risk and still thought it was worth the effort."

Fools are always that way...!

But thanks,