Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plausible Deniability...

"We won't get fooled again..."
To North Carolina state-chartered credit unions watching the recent brouhaha at Commodore Perry FCU, it sure looked like "deja vu all over again" !!  Been there done that - same serial retaliators, same incestuous good ole' boy network, same "modus operandi" - misstep, misstate, mislead then ... COVERUP !!

Pretty hard to take seriously an "appeals process" administered by a "Pin-ball Wizard" Agency with a growing track record for being purposefully and consistently "deaf, dumb, and blind". The regional director's ability to rule on an examination appeal without reviewing the evidence on both sides speaks volumes as to why the current process is viewed by credit unions as laughable at best, sinister at heart, arrogant, dishonest.  Reform can no longer wait ...
"The CPFCU Four"

Certainly the most ridiculous part in the CPFCU fiasco is the OIG finding that you just can't trust female employees to spot sexual harassment  [guess it's because females have so little experience with that topic].
 Strange Fruit Credit Unions

How does NCUA continue to escape the noose of accountability, while innocent credit unions are sent- willy-nilly - to the gallows?  NCUA - accuser, prosecutor, judge, and jury -  has become an unappealing and undemocratic idea.  Reform can no longer wait...

The  NCUA senior staff - and perhaps the NCUA Board - is playing a  highly dangerous game of "plausible deniability" ....

"Plausible deniability" is a practice widely used in government and diplomatic circles intended "to protect the leadership" from direct accountability and responsibility. 

It's a simple idea really.  The goal of the strategy is to immunize senior officials from being linked to legally and ethically suspect actions.

You know what is so embarrassing about the way the
"New-CUA" plays the plausible deniability game?
The results...
The "New-CUA" remains totally

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CU Emp said...

How can I get this link distributed around at my workplace?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moriarity may be on to the answer. Do away with the redundancy in regulators and insurance, save money all around. NCUA is incapable of reforming itself. NCUA refuses transparency( redact, redact redact!) hide hide hide. Decisions are based on reactions and "feelings" not reason. It's a wonder credit unions are doing as well as they are with an agency that obstructs at every opportunity and a trade association that's in bed with the agency. Obviously some good leaders out there just doing their jobs in spite of all the obstacles NCUA throws our way!

Dennis Moriarity said...

Ok There are list serves out there that link credit unions together easily using e mail. People who use those list serves should encourage the credit unions on those list serves to sign the petition and get others to sign.
Not a lot of time to get this accomplished so we have to work at it. There is also a national list serve so credit unionists who access that list serve should be doing the same. LETS COMMUNICATE